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 "Eric was so great to work with. He is responsive, thorough and so professional. He made a beautiful book for my family with so many great records. He even took the time to walk me through each page so I understood the whole story. We will be researching more family lines with Eric soon. I highly recommend his services - awesome all around!"

"Eric did an outstanding job researching 2 lines of my family. It was great to sit down with my kids and show them how their ancestors migrated to America. The book that Eric puts together assures all of the info will be preserved."

"I contacted Eric, because I needed his help making heads or tails of my information. I already had the results of my DNA testing and started a preliminary family tree. I was so overwhelmed with the information available through my DNA matches (nearly 1,000). I had a lot of missing pieces to my puzzle. Eric was able to expand my family tree for several generations on my father's side based on the information and his research. Eric was so quick to respond, and he was very professional. Thanks, Eric!"

"I contacted Eric regarding my husband's paternal family. He was very professional as well as extremely knowledgeable. Working with Eric was very easy and I was highly impressed with the finished product. I cannot recommend Eric's genealogy services enough!"

"Thank you Eric for helping me find my birth family!"

"I have been searching for my birth family for years, with little to no success. In just a few days, Eric cracked the case. Thank you, Eric!"

"Thank you Eric for locating my father's side of the family, which allowed me to meet with my two sisters for the first time ever!"