Services Include : 

Custom Genealogy Scrapbooks

These scrapbooks are great gifts for yourself, friends, or family! I'll research your family tree, and compile all the records, documents, and charts I find into a custom twenty page scrapbook. They're sure to wow the receiver! 

Ancestor Information Packets 

Do you have an ancestor who dropped off your radar? A missing or unknown grandparent, great aunt/uncle, etc? I can help! In this service, I research an ancestor of your choice and send you all documentation I can find on them.

Your Family Story


Do you have an unproven family story, or something mysterious you'd like to try and prove within your family tree? I'd love to help! I'll look into the best I can and send you all documentation.

Family Tree Mapping

Do you just want to see your family tree, traced as far back as possible? In this service, I will "map out" your entire direct line family tree as far back as possible, and send you the .GEDCOM file of it - which is uploadable to any genealogy site to view. 


Contact me! All adoption cases are different, and I only take certain ones. There is a flat fee for cases I do take, however I also do some harder cases pro bono.

...and many more! Looking for a specific genealogy service I haven't listed here, or something more custom? These are just a few of the more popular options. Contact me today, I'd be happy to help customize something for you.